Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Routine: what is my routine? What is routine? Routine provides the assumption that everything goes as excpected in a smooth way.

Change: Change implies something unexpected or expected that is different from the daily routine. It may or may not create anxiety.

Acceptance: Acceptance implies complete surrender to the things outside of your control. Peace.

The trick in this life it seems, is to learn to stop expecting things to happen, doesn't mean stop dreaming. When we stop expecting, and start accepting what we get with optimism and trust, life becomes magical. I create my life by appreciated my meals, I take moments to close my eyes and feel the sunshine on my eyelids. I live life to the fullest. Not because I have a 6 figure paying career, (which would be lovely) but because I feel. I feel not with my fingers, or my flesh, but with my mind and heart.

I have read that the more one eats natural, organic, produce, the closer they are to enlightenment. What better goal in life than to perform this lifetime to the best possible ability we have within us?

Enlightenment is what I would love to achieve in this lifetime. I meditate, do tarot, yoga, hula hoop, and now I write. I strive to be an actress, I have realized that we create our destination. It's like booking a vacation, you have to overcome some hiccups along the way, but that cool drink of water that finally awaits you is worth the thirst. It may be a silly goal, but I feel I have the ability to communicate and in the world we live in I feel my place is in entertainment. I want nothing more than to land some awesome roles like Jennifer Lawrence did, she has inspired me. I even coined a new term I shared with my Husband, Rob. It's called Streeping- to "Streep" is to watch a marathon of Meryl Streep movies. I feel like she is a pretty cool person that motivates me.

It's also  motivational to see my fellow 2005 Lecanto High school Alumni, Miles Teller, (21 & Over, The Spectacular Now, Footloose, Rabbit Hole) doing so well. He is so funny! I did his eyeliner when he played snoopy and Willard on our Curtis Peterson Auditorium stage. We also were in The Boys Next Door together, that was when I knew what Miles Teller is capable of. We come from the same Troope 4009, I have some pride. I must say I do look forward to when he takes on a more mature character, maybe a Grown up?  Might as well get the young ones while he still can!

I just look around and realize that all I have in this life is time and effort. In order to make change and create my dream is to stray a little from the routine in a positive way that speaks to my mind soul and body. A little at a time should create a wonderful life.

Wonderful: Full with wonder. I say to people all the time is have a "wonderful" day and never really took the time to think about what it would mean if everyone i knew took the time to make their day "wonderful" It would be as if everyone approached their day in awe at how beautiful life is. In wonder of the small things like a child sees magic in everything. So I end this post with Fill your day with WONDER!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Love & Light

                                      May your day be filled with beautiful Love and Light <3

Welcome, I am happy to be here :)

     Language is a funny thing. I like to talk in slang while I write. It's how I hear myself in my head. I was born and raised until I was 14 in upstate New York. You could say that's where I get the New York attitude to an extent.
     I definitely have picked up some southern comfort and kindness when I lived in Florida through high school. I then attended community college for a year. I was screwed because of a certain president and his brother created a law that made it impossible to get any funding for any education. Anyways, that is of the past.At the same time, I wasn't completely prepared for an additional 4-6 years of education. I was ready to be done, I felt defeated but determined to get back to school. No matter what. So I packed up my black Chevy Blazer, that my Neighbor Ted and his wife gave me for $1 and moved in with a fellow waitress at Applebees and her family. I was ready to be my own person, I felt like It wasn't where I could be myself the best. So I strived for that, my entire life. Even before I moved to Florida, right after my Mom and Dad were divorced.
          My Aunt & Uncle welcomed me into their home. They have made me the strong person because I was able to make a "grown-up" decision at such a young age. I have come to this point of blessings through positive thinking and optimism. I have always had teamwork-type jobs, but have always struggled not being the best. I have come to a point of realization, I am simply the best, by not worrying about being the best, and simply doing my best. It has taken me 25 years on this planet to actually embrace this and stop stressing in my life. My childhood has caused me to have extreme anxiety and self esteem issues at times, but the Leo within me has made me into the Queen of Improvisation. I am able to bring sunflowers to the desert. I can turn a situation into a beautiful experience. That is who I am and I am looking forward to sharing my life as a Modern-Hippie-Mom, with you. Thank you for reading. Love and Light to you! Many Blessings!